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Native Studies Review

Volume 16, No 1
Volume 16-1

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Miller, Jim. "Editor's Note" 16(1), p. 1.

Coates, Ken. "Learning from Others: Comparative History and the Study of IndigenousNewcomer Relations" 16(1), pp. 3–14.

Ray, Arthur J. "Constructing and Reconstructing Native History: A Comparative Look at the Impact of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Claims in North America and Australia'" 16(1), pp. 15–39.

Freeman, Victoria. "Attitudes Toward “Miscegenation” in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, 1860–1914" 16(1), pp. 41–69.

St. Germain, Jill. "'Feed or Fight': Rationing the Sioux and the Cree, 1868–1885" 16(1), pp. 71–90.

Gulig, Anthony G. "Whales, Walleyes, and Moose: Recent Case Studies in a Comparison of Indian Law in the United States and Canada" 16(1), pp. 91–118.

Book Reviews

Scott, Colin H. (Ed.). Aboriginal Autonomy and Development in Northern Quebec and Labrador 16(1), pp. 119–121; review by Yale D. Belanger.

Treat, James. Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era: A Narrative Map of the Indian Ecumenical Conference. 16(1), pp. 121–123; review by Ross Hoffman.


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