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Native Studies Review

Next issue - Volume 23
Now accepting orders for Volume 23. The pricing is the same as for volume 22, plus shipping.

Anticipated release date: Dec 2016


Shipping charges:
to be applied on all new orders, and for backorders (in Canadian funds)

  • Canadian Customers: add $10.00 per volume
  • American Customers: add $12.00 per volume
  • International Customers: add $15.00 per volume

Volume 22 & 23 Pricing (in Canadian funds)

  • Institutions: $50.00 per year
  • GST Exempt Institutions: $45.00 per year
    (order must indicate GST # if exempt)
  • Individuals: $33.00 per year
  • Community Agency/Organization: $25.00 per year
  • Students: $25.00 per year
  • All orders must be accompanied by a NSR order form (see below)

An order entitles you to all issues of a particular volume regardless of the year published. Shipping charges are only charged once per volume, regardless of the number of issues.



Backorder issues are available at $10.50 each, plus shipping costs. Please see the order forms for details on available issues.

Printable NSR Order Forms

PDF form
Word form
Adobe pdf order form
Microsoft Word order form
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